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The Monroes

Tractor Punk All-Stars




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"Drillin' Daylight" 45
"Inferno" 45
Debut 45
"Razorback" EP
Split 45

The Monroes began in the summer of 2000 when singer Gary Dean Davis and guitarist Lincoln Dickison began a seemingly unlikely songwriting partnership.

Dickison, a veteran of hardcore bands for over ten years, had just moved to Omaha. Davis, already a longtime local standby with his previous bands D is for Dragster, Frontier Trust, and Pioneer Disaster, was looking for a new project. Though they had known each other for years, it had never occurred to either of them that they should play together-until they did.

A kitchen table 4 track recording produced an embryonic version of what would become the first song on the Monroes first record, and the kick off to every live show, the exhuberant ode to terrace jumping, "Kiss Your Elbow Goodbye", as well as a honky-tonked version of The Minutemen's "Corona". As the comiserations continued, the resulting yin-yang stew of old time bluster and edgy swamp guitar was appealing enough that the duo then recruited drummer Jesse Render all the way from Missouri Valley, IA, and bass master and local legend Mike Tulis to cement the lineup.

Harder than Gary's earlier "tractor punk" efforts, the band has been compared to Rocket From the Crypt, The Jesus Lizard, and The Minutemen. (Jon Taylor compares them to ZZ Top...we here at SPEED! know he means it as a compliment, so we'll take it as one). Over the past five years, the band has put out five records on SPEED!, and played a bunch of shows, sharing the stage with the likes of Southern Culture on the Skids and Mike Watt.

Speed!A200 (2005) took the band's sound in another new direction with an angelic chorus and plenty of "purgatorio" pedal steel, and Speed! A300 (2006) finds the band keeping company with Iowa City's masters of soul, The Diplomats of Solid Sound. 2007 brought the release of yet another 45- "Drillin' Daylight" recorded at Hittsville Studio in lovely Havelock, NE.















Listen to "Drillin' Daylight"

Listen to "Inferno"
  Listen to "Razorback"
Listen to "Kiss Your Elbow Goodbye"