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D is For Dragster

Motor Kings






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D is for Dragster 45

After the demise of Frontier Trust, everyone was wondering what would happen next.

Gary and Joe responded by forming D is for Dragster and not only living up to the legend that their former bands had created, but carving an even more indelible niche in the burgeoning "tractor punk" movement. Combining a pummeling rhythm section with some nimble rock guitar and Gary's now patented "yelling" style, Dragster elevated the game for a generation of bands to follow.

They disbanded in the late 90's after a lineup change that saw Steve and Jeremiah leave the band. Sadly, they only left one single in their considerable wake. Happily, it's awesome! You want songs about squealing tires and 440 hemis? Oh yeah you do! Steve and Jeremiah went on to form Entertainment in Chicago. Gary went on to the Monroes, and Joe now lives in Portland, OR and plays in The Honus Huffhines. Steve is currently a member of The Red Eyed Legends (which features the talents of Chris Thomson, formerly of the bands Circus Lupus and Monorchid). Jermiah plays with his brother Clayton in The Box Elders.




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